Here’s a small selection of my work from The GuardianNew Statesman, The Independent, and others:

Disability, benefits, and social policy 

‘Benefits cuts: what is life like on the breadline, one year on?’ – New Statesman

‘Disabled and on the Work Programme: “Cold calling companies for 8 to 16 hours a week.” – New Statesman

‘How disabled people are turning to payday loans to cope with benefit cuts’ – New Statesman

‘The disability benefits system takes your dignity in exchange for money’ - New Statesman

‘Disability cuts come with a dehumanising rhetoric’ - The Guardian

‘Five Stories: the harsh realities of the Government’s “bedroom tax”‘ – New Statesman

‘I try to tell myself: I am a human being. My existence is worthwhile’ – New Statesman

‘Disabled people need a louder voice in parliament to represent them’ - The Guardian

‘Why the Paralympics won’t challenge perceptions of disabled people’ – The Guardian


Feminism, abuse, and marginalisation 

‘Girls shouldn’t feel like they have to “perform like pornstars” – New Statesman

‘The five worst arguments in defence of Lads’ Mags’ - New Statesman

‘”I want a world where disabled people are valid sexual partners”: But is the focus on prostitution helpful?’ – The Guardian

‘Domestic violence and disabled women: an abuse of power’ - The Guardian

‘How pro-lifers hijacked the Paralympics’ - The Guardian

‘Forced marriage blights the lives of scores of learning disabled people’ - The Guardian

‘What to do with your name after marriage – a great post-wedding game’ - The Guardian

‘Why Facebook’s rape jokes are no laughing matter’ - New Statesman


Television, popular culture and politics 

‘There’s a nuanced debate about welfare waiting to happen, and Benefits Britain 1949 isn’t it’ - New Statesman

‘Ricky Gervais’ Derek may be clumsy but he’s not cruel’ – The Independent

‘The Last Leg: often tasteless, sometimes awkward, always funny’ - The Guardian

‘Paralympics opening ceremony – review’ - The Guardian

‘The Undateables? Disability rights, but Channel Four wrongs’ - The Guardian

‘Depictions of disability on TV still leave much to be desired’ - The Guardian

‘The EastEnders furore shows gay equality is still a long way off’ - The Guardian


Rights, equality, and LGBT  

‘John Major is right – in education, money still buys a better chance of success’ – New Statesman

Maria Miller has opposed civil partnerships for heterosexuals – why?  - New Statesman

‘Some people are gay. Get over it!’ - The Independent

‘The Russian regions that are banning “gay propaganda” – New Statesman

‘The “right” to discriminate? It doesn’t exist’ – New Statesman

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