Poor doors? If you’re disabled, you’ll know society’s segregation doesn’t end there

When London’s “poor doors” – the separate entrances for less wealthy residents of certain buildings – hit the news last month I couldn’t help but think how, for some of us, this segregation has occurred for years and with little public outrage. For wheelchair users, the goods entrance is a familiar way in. Sometimes I […]

Social media and the new brand of disability activism

The sudden onslaught of government cuts disproportionately affecting disabled people and the long-term sick have met with the growth of social media. This was – and is – an era of bedroom tax arrears and Personal Independence Payment delays, where government policies mean the UK risks being in breach of international obligations to the rights and equality of disabled people. […]

The disability housing crisis: disabled people struggling in unfit homes

Angela helps her husband wash with a plastic bowl each day because their bathroom sink is too high for his wheelchair. This is actually a better arrangement than their last home. The bungalow they lived in previously didn’t have a wet room, so Colin, who is partially tetraplegic following a severe spinal injury, had no […]

Assisted Dying: I interview Tanni Grey-Thompson

I’ve written on assisted dying several times, but – as a journalist and one with a disability – the question of where disability fits into the issue is not an easy one. I’ve argued in The Guardian and New Statesman that, with cases of the late Tony Nicklinson and Paul Lamb taken to the courts, Parliament will eventually need to address a disabled person’s […]

Life in limbo: what it’s like to be one of Britain’s hidden homeless

For the past couple of months, I’ve been speaking to Rob – a forty year old single man in social housing who, after having his housing benefit stopped, has been homeless for six months. “Each day is a fight for survival just to get somewhere to stay and something to eat. I’ve not had a […]

Disabled feminism: on the margins?

In writing about feminism and disability (and being a disabled woman), I often think about the way the two cross-over. At times, I’ve looked at those issues: abortion on the grounds of disability; the forced marriage of people with learning disabilities; the domestic abuse of disabled women. But I’m aware, very much, how little attention these subjects get […]